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Fulton County Medical Center

Swing Bed Program in McConnellsburg, PA


FCMC got me back into the
SWING of things

Getting you back to Life.....

"You are more likely to do the work here because the therapists are encouraging you - At home you might not work as hard” - H. Overly



When needed, our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists will complete a comprehensive evaluation and create an individualized treatment plan for you based on your needs which could include: strength and balance training, mobility, ADL’s (dressing, bathing, kitchen activities), swallowing difficulties, and or memory deficits.




  • Strengthening
  • Bed Mobility/Transfers
  • Balance /LE Coordination Training
  • Endurance training
  • Gait training/Stairs/LiteGait
  • Modalities/Pain Management
  • Patient/Caregiver Education




  • Strengthening
  • ADL's (bathing ,dressing, kitchen and household duties)
  • Endurance Training
  • Bed Mobility/Transfers
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Feeding Strategies
  • Home Safety Evals
  • Wheelchair Positioning/Mobility
  • Balance/UE Coordination training
  • Splinting
  • Patient/Caregiver Education


-"The therapists here are excellent...as good as anywhere else." -M. Sickles


  • Dysphagia Therapy with E. Stim when appropriate
  • Cognitive Training
  • Video Swallow Study
  • Diet recommendation/Diet/monitor for appropriateness
  • Dysarthira and Linguistic Fluency/Linguistic Processing.
  • Assessment of safety/judgment/executive functioning
  • Compensatory Strategies
  • Communication boards/Devices
  • Patient/Caregiver Education


  • Discharge Planning
  • Orientation to swing bed program
    Patient & Family Consultation
  • Liaison between patient, family & UR/business office
  • Coordination of equipment and follow up services


  • Offering Individualized dietary assessments and personalized education & training, all while collaborating with your physicians and nursing team





  • IV Antibiotic and central/PIC line care
  • Wound Care / Dressing Care
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Pain Management
  • Diabetes Monitoring
  • "Ostomy” Care
  • Telehealth Coordination
  • Patient education

"I am back to working outdoors , which I love.” -J. Faye Elvey



Swing Bed Q & A

What is Swing Bed?

Swing bed is a term used to describe a federal program that allows FCMC, as well as other rural hospitals the ability to keep you in the hospital longer when your doctor feels you are not ready for discharge. This allows you to receive needed therapy and/or nursing care to help you prepare for home.



Who is eligible for Swing Bed?

Three areas you need to consider for eligibility:

In most cases you must have a three day hospital stay before consideration for the swing bed program (stay can be at FCMC or another hospital).

  • Pre-approval by your insurance company
  • You must have a qualifying illness/surgery

Common Reasons for Swing Bed

  • Fracture Recovery
  • Postsurgical recovery
    Neurologic Progression needing therapy
  • Comprehensive Medication Management
  • IV therapy/Central Line/PICC
  • New feeding issues (PEG tube placement or TPN)
  • Pain management
  • Diabetic Management


"It helps to be taken care of by people that know you..” - R Gelvin



Still have questions or wondering if you qualify? Call us today

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