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Fulton County Medical Center

Hospital Services

The Best Acute Care Hospital Service in McConnellsburg, PA

Welcome to Fulton County Medical Center's Acute Care Hospital Services. Fulton County Medical Center is a 21-bed critical access hospital in McConnellsburg, PA. Our goal is to provide an excellent patient experience by utilizing the best, most current evidence-based practices. Our hospitalists are highly trained acute care physicians who work closely with your primary care provider to provide the best care possible. Fulton County Medical Center is committed to bringing you and your loved ones the best possible care close to home. Contact us today to learn about any of our medical services.

Our Hospital Services

Fulton County Medical Center offers comprehensive hospital care, including medical specialists, acute admissions and outpatient services.

Specialty Services

Our specialty services ensure you receive the comprehensive, whole-person care you require.

Our skilled medical staff is always on hand to make sure you get the help you need. We also have an on staff Population Health Navigator available to assist you with any specialized needs you might have.

Acute Admissions

The acute admissions service is for patients with an illness requiring several days of inpatient medical care. Whether you’re sent by your general physician or are coming from the emergency room, we provide around-the-clock monitoring and precise medical care. Our hospital offers the best medical services for as quick and thorough a recovery as possible.


If needed, our outpatient service allows a patient to stay in the hospital overnight to monitor current symptoms. Here at Fulton County Medical Center, we pay close attention to every symptom to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Swing Bed

If you’ve been released from acute care but need further treatment before going home, you may be eligible for the Medicare Swing Bed program. This program offers continued care in the comfort and safety of a hospital setting until you are ready to be discharged.
The Swing Bed Medicare program provides:

  • Ongoing physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • Extended IV antibiotic therapies
  • Continued wound care treatment
To qualify for Swing Bed, you must have experienced a three-day acute care hospital stay as well as:

  • Have Medicare Part A or another qualified insurance plan
  • Require daily care or five days of rehabilitation services per week for your condition
  • Have reached a stable medical status
  • Have obtained physician authorization
Fulton County Medical Center is proud to participate in the Swing Bed program. It’s our goal to make sure you’re in the best health possible before you leave our care.

Fulton County Medical Center Hospitalists

Christina Collins, MD                     David Albright, MD

Michael Hilden, MD                            Parineetha Thangada, MD


Acute Care Patient Room Phone numbers
If you have any questions regarding your hospital stay, please contact our Acute Care Nurses desk at 717-485-6104.

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Prompt, Effective Hospital Care

The staff at Fulton County Medical Center believes you deserve effective, prompt treatment. And that’s exactly what our hospital in McConnellsburg, PA, offers. You will receive high-quality emergency, acute and rehabilitation services from skilled and gentle medical professionals. Our hospital services and highly trained staff ensure you receive exceptional care from the beginning to the end of your time with us. Reach out today to learn more about our health services.

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