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The FCMC Foundation offers you many opportunities to become involved in the FCMC mission via donations, planned giving and more. Learn about all of the opportunities you can access to help keep FCMC a vital health care institution serving the needs of Fulton County, PA area residents. We appreciate your consideration and thank you in advance for your gifts and interest in helping us. We hope that working with our foundation is a rewarding experience for you.

About the Foundation

A Determined Spirit

We are excited to present more details to you about the FCMC Foundation. Your involvement with us can help so many people who need the essential healthcare services we provide. Please read on to discover how our foundation helps people living in the Fulton County, PA area and how your participation can help keep FCMC going as a vital part of this community. Join us and keep the philanthropic spirit alive!
When a group of visionary women of the Green Hill Civic Club launched its first fundraising campaign - a "cake festival" on August 9, 1947, that generated $329.22 for the building of Fulton County Medical Center - they were counting on the entire community to make it a reality.

When J. Oram Wible, a former resident of Todd Township and then president of Union Electric Steel of Pittsburgh, made the first substantial gift in January of 1948, donating $5000 towards the creation of Fulton County Medical Center, he was banking on its future.

Today, that philanthropic spirit lives on because of you. Your contributions have supported Fulton County Medical Center programs in patient care, education, medical technology and capital projects, all of which have improved the quality of medical care that have improved and, in some cases, saved lives.

The FCMC Foundation offers:

  • Professionalism: We support Fulton County Medical Center. Our staff members speak to the unique opportunities at FCMC, as well as the overall mission of the organization. We are available to meet you onsite at FCMC or in your home or place of business. All discussions are confidential.
  • Privacy: Just as FCMC protects the privacy of patients, the Foundation Office honors the privacy of benefactors.
  • Collegiality: We work closely with a benefactor's legal and financial advisors, as well as family members and others as appropriate. Our goal is to ensure that philanthropic plans meet the benefactor's best interests as well as FCMC's needs and priorities.
  • Salaried/Hourly staff: Members of the Foundation Office have no commissions or profit-sharing plans based on the amount or type of gifts that are provided.
  • Advocacy: Staff members of the FCMC Foundation serve as liaisons, connecting benefactors with FCMC leadership in patient care and education. We are grateful to you for your generous donation and your investment in the future of Fulton County Medical Center

Welcome to the FCMC Foundation

The FCMC Foundation is responsible for all philanthropic programs and serves as a liaison between FCMC and our family of benefactors. Our donors include patients, individuals, families, corporations, and foundations.

By giving to the FCMC Foundation, you are making an investment in your community's health. Your gift helps us provide the highest quality of care to our patients and make the broadest possible impact on health care in our community.

The FCMC Foundation, founded in 2008, is a non-profit corporation as provided under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. While the Foundation is a separate non-profit from FCMC with its own tax ID number, the staff is employed by FCMC and operates under FCMC policies are procedures.Your generous contributions to FCMC Foundation are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal law.

Use the links on this page and throughout the foundation pages to learn how you can play an integral part in our future by including a charitable gift to one or several of our giving programs.

We never forget that it's your money and your choice

One hundred percent of every dollar donated to Fulton County Medical Center Foundation supports the mission of promoting health and wellness in our community, while advancing enhanced health care services and programs at FCMC.

The FCMC Foundation is dedicated to cultivating and fostering enduring relationships with our donors as well as prospective donors who share our commitment to advancing patient care, medical education, and community service. We invite you to discuss with us, in confidence, opportunities that might match your interests.

To reach Mike Straley, Foundation Executive Director, please e-mail him at or call him at 717-485-6842.
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Supporting health and wellness


pictured is foundation staff members

L-R: Janet Miller, Mike Straley, Wendy Farling

Mike Straley (@ FCMC since 2013)
Executive Director

Wendy Farling (@ FCMC since 1999)
Associate Director

Janet Miller (@ FCMC since 2023)
Grants & Donor Relations Manager

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