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Patient Portal

Welcome to the Fulton County Medical Center Patient Portal!

Access your health records anytime to see critical health information recorded during your visits. FCMC has 2 patient portals Meditech and Medent.

1. FCMC MEDITECH PATIENT PORTAL - This link is for outpatient services (appointments, results, medications, labs, and diagnostic imaging (like x-ray reports). It has an App you can download on your smartphone.

2. FCMC Medent Patient Portal: This portal link is for the following: Medent is for Cardiology, FultonFamily Practice, FFP Walk-In Clinic,Fulton Surgical Services, (Dr. DeBolt and Dr. Carman), Nephrology (Dr.
Tijani), Neurology (Dr. Sollengberger),Fulton Orthopedics (Amber Thomas and Dr. Espenshade), and Urology.

Click here to download Patient Portal Brochure

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