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Fulton County Medical Center

Foundation FAQs

Why Does the Fulton County Medical Center need to raise money?
Charitable support will become increasingly more important as we move to more and more outpatient services and as managed care and other cost containment measures are implemented. Charitable contributions will enable FCMC to continue healthcare excellence and meet its responsibility to keep up with advances and changes in the delivery of healthcare to our friends, neighbors, workers and loved ones.

Isn't the Medical Center supported by my tax dollars?
FCMC has two sources of revenue; from the patients that use our services and from charitable donations. Unlike many charities, FCMC receives virtually no financial support from the town, county, state or federal governments.

What is The FCMC Foundation Board?
The Foundation Board is a group of 11 volunteers who assist the non-profit organization by developing and setting policies in its finances, operations and programs, which result in greater visibility and increased philanthropic support. Their goals and objectives are accomplished through the efforts of five committees; Finance & Investment, Campaign and Event, Bylaws, Nominating and Scholarship. The Foundation Board also consists of Community Members in a non-voting role.

Who serves on FCMC Foundation Board?
Community leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise, hospital Auxiliary members and employees, serve on the Foundation Board.

How much money has the Foundation raised?
Since the formation of the Foundation in 2008, more than $6.0 million in charitable support has been contributed from individuals, businesses and foundations.

Why should I give to the FCMC Foundation?
Of all the not-for-profit institutions in our community, FCMC has the distinction of helping the most people in need. Nearly one of every three people in Fulton County has contact with the hospital either through the emergency department, surgery, or outpatient services. As such, FCMC is one of our most valuable community resources and your support will help the medical center care for your families, friends, and neighbors.

Doesn't most of the money raised come from foundations and corporations?
Surprisingly, no. National statistics indicate that of all dollars raised, approximately 5 percent come from foundations, 5 percent from corporations and the remaining 90 percent from individuals.

How will the money be spent?
All charitable gifts contributed to this institution, unless specifically restricted by the donor, are deposited in a special development fund account that is used solely for capital expansion, renovation and equipment needs at FCMC. No monies contributed into this fund are used to pay operating expenses or salaries.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! FCMC Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation so designated by the Internal Revenue Service. As such, most donations made to the medical center are deductible from federal income taxes to the full extent provided by law.